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Qorichaska Hostel is a modern hostel, and we are committed to improve our service every day, we offer a range of services according to current and modernity, we provide the following services, in the hostel Qorichaska improve our service every day because we know our customers happy is keep a good memory of our city and Qorichaska Hostal in Cusco.

If you have any questions, please write to our contact page

  • Large beds, Closets.


    In our hostel we have large beds where you can relax after your travels, our staff is ready to give the best care.

  • Cable TV


    If you just want to relax after a long journey, and simultaneously be aware of the news of the world, the results of your favorite sport or just watch a movie.

    In our hostel we have cable TV in every room with a large Peruvian national and global TV programming

  • Private Bathroom.

    bathWe know the needs of our travelers and we know they all come from long trips, that is why we consider it important that all our rooms have private bathrooms, all with hot water (24 hours at day), towels, bath soap personal care and most importantly the cleaning in our rooms.

  • Continental Breakfast.


    Every morning we prepare a delicious breakfast in our hostel, you can choose from scrambled eggs, juice, yougurt, the traditional bread and butter combined Cusco, delicacy, or jam, you choose which you like best.

    also if you just get to the city of Cusco will offer coca tea to prevent altitude sickness.

  • Free Wi-fi 24 hours a day.

    wifiShare your travel experiences, talk with your friends in your country, send photos, post videos on youtube, tweeting with your friends, share your experiences on foursquare, and write your reviews on trip advisor, all this can be done from the hostel Qorichaska from your iPhone, iPad or laptop with our internet

  • Computer  with Internet

    internetIn our hostel we have a computer for public use and free for all travelers, you can use it all the time you need, our high-speed internet is allowing you to upload your photos and videos to social networks of your choice

  • Hot water 24 hours a day.

    banoWhat better resting after a long journey that giving himself a hot water bathroom, all our travelers can enjoy their fun after Cusco travel by a refreshing bath and then enjoy a relaxing evening and then the next day continue to enjoy the wonders of Cusco.

  • Refrigerator, Utensils.

    utensillosIf you are a person that you like prepare own food and not spend at restaurants, a good option is to buy all you need in the San Pedro market (which is located very close to our hostel), and prepare your meals in the traditional way in our kitchen for common use.

  • Wake up service.

    wakeupserviceThe natural thing to do is travel from Cusco up very early, so will take advantage of most of the day getting to know the wonders of Cusco, we are lean, you can instruct the reception staff raise you to a certain time and it also can get you a cab to take you to your adventures.

  • Tourist information

    cuscoWe know everything about the city of Cusco, from places to visit if you spend anything, the best restaurants, theaters, clubs, bars, archaeological , prices and know of, and that very few people know, if you dare to live this adventure, we'll help.

  • All taxes included

    impuestosAll of our services, and include all taxes, no hidden fees or surprises charge innesperadas, if you want to know more about our services and what we can offer, esccribenos to and we are happy to assist you

  • Storage Luggage

    equipajesIf you are making long trips, but you take too much luggage, you can safely leave our luggage store the days you need, all at no additional cost, traveling alone with what you need: your camera photos and your enthusiasm to know the Cusco

Also if you require additional services, our hostel can arrange for some services for which we can provide a price differential, in addition to all the steps that you will require for you

Optional Services :

  • Laundry service.
  • Heating.
  • Medical service.
  • Spanish lessons.
  • Airport’s and Bus station transfer.
  • Tourist services.

Restaurant & Bar:

Our hostel to be committed to provide better service, we innaugurado restaurat traditional tourist one, where we provide typical meals everyday, as well as nutritious and healthy menu, no condiments, and with the best service that characterizes us, every day serve a delicious menu in the restaurant

Tourist Services

Main Square Cusco

Main Square Cusco

City tour

Visit to the Qoricancha (Incan Temple of the Sun) and Cathedral, as well as to Sacsayhuaman, Q’enqo Pucapucara and Tampomachay (Incan archaeological complexes).
Includes: Tourism bus and professional guide.

Sacred Valley

Pisaq handicraft market and the archaeological compound of the Intihuatana (Incan solar clock).
Includes: Tourism bus and professional guide.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Tour to Machu Picchu

  • Transfer hotel / station / hotel.
  • Round trip train ticket.
  • Bus to Machu Picchu and back.
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu.
  • Professional guide.

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